"In 1945, the Nazis went to the Moon... in 2010, they are coming back."

Fuck yeah. :siren:Bubba edited this:siren:


C&C bro.

Damn that’s an horrible edit here. :confused:
I like the posing.

I love how the hostage is like "Sup guys, I’m so cool. Just when the feed turns off i’ll escape and kill them all.
Otherwise i didn’t notice any editing. Except the chopper looks like it was shopped in.

I was hoping to see some fucking epic scene of Nazi UFOs blasting the shit out of some big city.

Those Combine guys are way too sci-fi and don’t fit at all. Iron Sky’s stuff is a lot more 50’s than some near future crap.

space nazis wouldn’t use inferior technology from 1945
and why are the people in the blackhawk just sitting there, shouldn’t they be shooting back

Agreed on the posing of the hostage. But the officer in the middle, what kind of a position for his hands is that ?

Cool idea, bad editing, mediocre posing.

Tell that to Energia Productions. They still might re-write the whole movie.

ye except i’m talking about camarilla’s pose not the movie

ITT: Retards rating boxes

It’s alright althought the overall logics of things is a bit weird. Why they tie a POW into a chair in the middle of an battlefield, and then they excecute him?

ye you should haev totally showed me it so i could help you before you posted and stuff because thats what bros are for!!

Oh. My apologizies.