In 2fort no-one can hear you scream

It’s a bug hunt.

Game over, man, GAME OVER:

Short controlled crits please.

This is great, have a winner.


what a cool screenshot this is. i like that alien, or spylien that is.
that would be an awesome idea for a spy hat.

That is beautiful.

“Leave that Dispenser alone YOU BITCH!”

Who are you? Where’s the Simon Pegg avatar?

spy iz XENOMORF! (I spellit dam right)

hahahahahahahahhaha THE BEST

A crab hunt, rather.

That’s sick as FUCK

Wow, that’s badass.

Wow, editing is great! - Beautiful use of bloom and lighting too!

I am erect

Damn it, Joazzz, I’m never gonna get any fucking sleep now.

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Also, that is a very impressive Spy edit.