in 3ds max why is disabled the file name and type in render to texture ?

is disabled and i cant use it, i use the student version

dont know, but, render to texture is only to speed viewports, using for modeling is very “poor” quality.

Generally this happens when you have several objects selected at once. It should still render, generally, if that is the case–but the file names will be automatically set.

It’s generally best to only answer a questions if you really understand the topic well. In this case, your answer is spreading misinformation to anyone else who may not know much about RTT. RTT is not just for viewport speeds–it is how you take any procedural textures in your materials and bake them down to bitmap textures that can be used in game engines.

WTF?, ok, goodbye facepunch.

Nothing personal, buddy. We all make mistakes. I’ve spent the last several years reading constant misinformation on the Internet when it comes to Max and Source because many people are very keen on jumping into answering things without having actual experience or knowledge on a topic. All humans do this… but part of wisdom is learning when to talk and when to listen.

Just some more tips to share.

My answer presumed that you actually have used RTT and know a little bit about it. But there are also some other reasons why the filename might be inactive:

***** No objects are selected at all. Just like if you have multiple objects selected, having none will also make that field inactive. The main difference is that if none are selected, you’ll notice that almost every element of the RTT menu is disabled.

***** If you do have an object selected, then you may first need to add a render element with the Add button (for example, choose DiffuseMap or NormaMap).

Another useful tool if you are a Wall Worm user is a tool called Material Merger. You can use this if you have unwrapped multiple objects into the same UV space with an instanced Unwrap UVW modifier and you want all the objects to share the same final bitmaps at the end. Because RTT renders the textures for each object separately, you need to composite the textures afterwards if this is your goal.

In WW, you can find the Material Merger under Wall Worm > Wall Worm Materials > Material Merger. Link has docs and video on usage.

Sometimes max files do bug out if you do certain things or switch between max versions and do certain actions, like RTT. If I see some really strange stuff going on, I’ll just import->merge all of my stuff from an older scene into a fresh one; it gets rid of any weird settings that may have been accidentally triggered in the background and gives me a fresh slate to work with. If you’re experiencing the same issues in a new scene, it’s safe to assume it’s a user-side issue.