In A Landscape (an avante-gard pose made with special attention to the material tool)

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C&C welcome :).

This fucking wrecks my eyes. And you spelt ‘avant garde’ incorrectly.

I wouldn’t call this avant garde anyway, it just looks dumb and everything in it completely arbitrary.

I guess that’s a no to wanting to see the original.

What the hell…

I was bored.

I can see how you tried to be artistic in an avant garde way. I’d try not to over-crowd it, though. Too much was going on, and a bit seemed random, even for this art style. I would have done it in black and white, and cleaned it up quite a bit so it wasn’t so confusing. But I like how you had some half-life things in there. Made it seemed themed towards it as if there was some sort of story behind it. Just can’t understand the story whatsoever. :v:

Also, others in this thread should be a little more constructive. o_o

Well thanks. Just for you I’ma load up the save and do some tweeking, then re-do it in black and white.

Awesome colour use,
I don’t need LSD anymore.

Cool idea, bad execution.

I’m going to remake it. got any suggestions?

this would be awsome on trainwreck

Make it better.

And here I thought that at least CHESTY would provide at least a LITTLE constructive criticism.

I was wrong. :smith:

Sometimes, you can see into people’s futures, and find that they have none.

Can an admin please lock this thread? I shouldn’t have expected anyone to like something that wasn’t a L4D2 or TF2 pose.

If you are going to generalize, at least do it correctly.

MW2 poses are the thing that everybody makes these days.

Not really…

No, he is right. I shoulda taken that into account.

I call this amazing art by an amazing man who knows his way around the worlds less-work route; You’re a man who knows his way around the depths of Artistic work. You shall carry on a legacy no man shall ever forget nor a woman of any kind on internetz. You will obey the facepunch and the facepunch shall obey you. C&C you welcome with vigilantly seeking. No one seems to have the courtesy to give it. I’m not the man to give it - I’m the man to surrender his differences and not forget how this thread will teach how we facepunchers act poorly to newcomers.

For now on I shall seek out the truth behind this.

This is different. It’s new so it’s bound to get some flak, but it can work; this just needs to be polished better.