In A Lonely Place

I am a terrible person, low effort, unused space, etc. I didn’t want to obscure too much of the map, and also wanted to avoid any more “resistance members standing around looking at the camera casually” poses. Started listening to the song, kind of pushed this out and decided not to do any serious editing to it. Less is more or something like that. The map is from the excellent Transmissions: Element 120 mod, which offers some absolutely superb material to pose on. Unfortunately, inspiration has not been forthcoming.

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im still baffled not more people are using te120 maps for hl2 poses

Never heard of the mod.

Now that I have…

If it’s one thing I’ve always loved seeing, it’s HL2 related poses. Refreshing from what’s the norm these days.

I actually tried once and my whole screen was black.

Nice image btw mate.