In a need of a server. Anyone capable of hosting one?

I remember reading about a free Garry’s Mod host where a clan or similar could request a free branded server. Does anyone remember the name?

Or if you could provide me this (or know someone who could):

A linux shell or windows account in Europe.
… with around 2Ghz for the GMod server
… and enough bandwidth and hard disk space and memory.

The server reached the top100 servers in game-monitor* out of those 2000+ GMod servers while only having 11 slots. I don’t really know why but just wanted to point it out that I’m not trying to do some random “general” build server…*

** Since I can’t provide any money the server would be branded according to owners requirements and all donations would go directly to the server donator. I am willing to do almost anything the owner wants. **

The reason for this more or less absurd request is because I lost my former build server due to a long time donator (namely the server owner) having no money anymore. Be cursed economical collapse! Naturally you wont get rich by offering me a server but I am asking this as a lua coder and as a server maintainer who is addicted to Garry’s Mod :slight_smile:

I am doing it for the players in the server (not for some clan or private group) and to develope the lua addons that I have started… a challenge for me and any lua coder (almost) who wants to participate. I consider myself as capable of hosting this server by referring to my older server and to my history of hosting various kinds of servers ranging from ircds(unrealircd) and http servers to hlds and srcds servers both on linux and windows.

You can contact me through steam friends for further questions if you are interested. Or just reply to the thread.

… oh well, thanks for at least reading (hopefully through) my desperation.

Garrysmod doesn’t really work with linux / wine.

Garry’s Mod server on the other hand does or you have some arguments against my claim? Admitted, it requires a lot of hacking and such but does work.
I will setup everything myself, no effort required from the donator.

I’m willing to take anything which could host the server because I really can’t pay for any hosting as of now. Later when I could pay I might not have time anymore to do anything.

Do you know any coding?

My main intention was to code lua and mostly experiment with concepts and ideas I have created, experiment with stuff. I have more ideas that what I could possibly ever develope myself.

The build server had been running for almost an year. By that time any gmod server hoster knows how to code lua or die.
I haven’t really released anything I have done so far as I have the urge to just move on. But yes, I do know “some” lua if that wasn’t clear from the first post… The owner is naturally allowed to take any lua and do anything about it if he sees it worth something.

The title could also be something like: A lua coder needs a testing/production (aka experimental) server.

Yes it does.

I would’ve provided you with this, but 50GB for a server is totally unreasonable. If you actually don’t need that 50GB and are just exaggerating, shoot me a PM and we could work something out :wink:

I’ll PM but for other people I’ll tell it here too. It is just a rough (read: overestimated) estimation of what it takes to hold around 10-20 custom maps and their packed versions plus the files of every single mount in default garrysmod including zeno clash. I also included possible costs of svns. I will naturally optimize the hard disk usage in relation to the free disk space.

And yes, I prefer linux over windows in this scenario because of certain things. Mainly because then I need only fast text based shell access and not some slow and possibly costing remote desktop software. And most important it ran relatively nice on it :slight_smile: