In-clock or option to enable one

Hey im forever alting out of garrysmod to check the time, id like for a clock to be added. Maybe a option to enable one and choose its couler or whatever.

There’s already one.

Yes, i have it but it would be nice to have it added.


string.Explode(" " ,[2]

Or get Depth HUD it has the time right on top :stuck_out_tongue:
And also u must have a watch :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense

Hey i dont see what the problem is, just why not add a option in settings to enable a small on-screen clock.

I agree, i dont want to have to get a whole new HUD or learn lua for a clock, im sure some poeple could make one and put it in addon format and upload it in a relatively short amount of time.

Cool thanks i will get that.