In-Dev Addons without Workshop?

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So I’m trying to mess around with the new GMod beta, and I want to make an addon to keep all of my scripts in like I used to on GM12.
The problem I’m having here is that if I want to change something- by what I’ve read on the wiki- I’d have to use the workshopper to reupload my files that I don’t want to distribute in the first place, just so I can see the changes locally. The alternative I see is to keep the scripts in the root /Lua/ folder, but the lack of organization would be irritating to say the least.

Is there another method to go about developing an addon without networking the contents back and forth between steam servers just to see the changes in action?

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Well, now I feel dumb.
Apparently this post explains that 13 comes with backwards compatibility with 12-style Addons, so work may be done locally without workshop.