In Event of Moon Disaster

that blue and yellow lighting isn’t very moonlike at all

I had a few alternative colorschemes but I liked the orange/blue contrast because it was kinda like the earth and the sun, I understood that it wasn’t very moony but I was afraid it’d look boring as well

I don’t have a huge understanding about how the lighting on the moon would work but i guess those are kinda close?


went ahead and just replaced it

sunlight on the moon is desaturated, pretty much perfectly white

is the one I just replaced it with better or should i kill the blue too

well the thing with lighting on the moon is that there’s only a single light source (the sun), and everything else is reflected off of the surface. so you get a lot of extremely stark shadows, along with a gradient from very pale yellow to dark grey. here’s a good idea of how it looks, featuring the coolest space suit design of all time:

also speaking of blue and yellow contrast in space, Ed White’s EVA (the first ever American one) is super good inspiration for cool lighting schemes[/thumb]


its fine