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Okay, so i’ve bought a few copies of rust, for reasons of cheating. i used to cheat on the game and i found it fun. but i got vac banned a lot. so i thought what the hell am i doing i’m literally wasting my money on buying new copies on the game to get banned again. So after my most recent vac ban, i buy my new account with the thought of never cheating on rust again. my friend bought a server and we got all of our buddies online to come play on our server we had. One night i get off because i’m 16 i have school in the morning. So i go to school blah blah. I finally get on my computer to be greeted with a game ban. I’m extremely pissed off because i deleted my cheats of my computer completely and i promised myself i would never go back to cheating to loose my 4th account. So there it is another game ban, for no reason.

my steam:

Facepunch please think about this ban. I know i used to hack and i literally spent money on 4 copies of your game and this last copy i was not cheating. this is really unfair.

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3 Accounts was banned? Thats a good anti cheat programm. Good job EAC!!!

The problem here is HOW you took those cheats off. Did you format your computer during the process?
See, if your a cheater and you admit,ok.
However, FP is NOT going to retract your Ban.
Format your computer…best anyone probably can tell you.
And fer cryin out loud stop freakin cheating!

Buy it one more time. I’m sure it’ll work then.

I have a program that deletes things without a trace. so i deleted all files that were used by me to cheat.

Your not hearing me, you have to wipe your computer blind, no program like that (obviously) will help

Well there isn’t really a point to that now because i don’t have another account to play on
and i can’t buy another account. I could be saving money for a car god damn

Did you max out your mom’s credit card? :^(

And just think, you could have saved a LOT more money if you hadn’t cheated

I’m 16 i have my own credit card, mind not being a douche bag rn thanks.

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That’s true too

Im afraid ya need to format (because some goddamn cheats embed itself in the windows)
After that,create new+buy and dont cheat again

hey you know what, just format your hard drive and do a clean reinstall of everything down to the drivers, otherwise you’ll keep getting banned due to the traces left in your system. EAC’s very good at detecting even traces, so that’s why they advise that you reformat your hard drive entirely and do clean reinstalls to make sure nothing remains to get your account flagged.

alright will do thank you

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Makes sense, thanks for the help

Fuck you, you fucking cheater!

19,99dollar cars are not very safe. Be careful!!!