In-Game DarkRP Class Maker

Cheif Tiger's In-Game DarkRP Class Maker

This class maker makes it a breeze to make classes for DarkRP, whether it be helping coders to get

them done without small bugs (such as missing a comma), or people who don’t understand LUA in the

least being able to create their own custom classes without help. That’s what I aimed for on this

project, and it’s my first major release.

** UPDATED V1.4!**

v1.3 - 1.4
[ADDED] - Custom model entry on the model selector
[ADDED] - Fix for those people who put “/” at the beginning of their command
[ADDED] - Drop down menu for the ability to pick what team you must be before you can become the class
[ADDED] - Class clearing button
[ADDED] - Changelog and Readme to download (hopefully this will help a lot of you with problems)

v1.2 - 1.3
[ADDED] - View classes button (for those of you who can’t find the txt file)
[FIXED] - Command error

v1.1 - 1.2
[FIXED] - Error on line 446 (Max Players)

v1.0 - 1.1
[FIXED] - If you forgot anything, it automatically fills it so no errors.
[FIXED] - if you didn’t put things in correct text boxes ( e.g. BLARG for Salary ) then it changes it to a default value.


To open the menu, just type “classmaker” in your console.

Here are some pics of the interface:

This is a picture of me beginning to make a Breen class. The interface is pretty self-explanatory.

I am currently about to enter the model viewer in this picture.

The rest of the pics are me finishing up the class.

This one is the model viewer. What’s cool about this class maker is that it can be added to a game server and if a player is super admin or above then they can create classes while on the server! Now for the best part; all of the models and weapons are called from the server using datastream, that way you don’t make a class with stuff the server doesn’t have!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the models are animations and shared models, as well as counter-strike models (ct_ and t_ prefixes). DO NOT USE THESE. I attemepted to remove them from the model finder, but I did to no avail. Just be careful when selecting models.

You can also get your own model directory and input it into the text area at the bottom. This if for people who have player models that are not in the normal directory (or for those wanting to make a class a barrel, or whatever).

This one is the weapon selector. As I mentioned earlier, the weapons are called from the server. It gets all the weapons from the darkrp gamemode weapons folder as well as every weapons folder in every addon on the server! (As you can see I don’t have many as I am using Garry’s mod Beta; built for fretta)

The weapon selector is pretty easy to understand; select something, press the corresponding arrow, it moves over. Weapons on the right side are weapons that will be added to the class.

Now that everything is filled in, I will hit the very large, overly exaggerated generate button :v:

Finally, the file is generated in your garrysmod/data directory and it is named “darkrpclassmaker.txt.” You can also view the generated classes with the button built into the class maker as seen in this screenshot:

As you can see, my Breen class was succesfully generated. Before that class I had generated an example class (the class that is generated when you don’t fill anything in and just hit “Generate”). You can have as many classes as you wish generated inside of this file, but if you wish to empty them out, you can hit the simple “Clear Classes” button, and you’ll have a fresh and empty text file.

This class maker does NOT automatically put the classes into your gamemode. You have to stick them in the shared.lua yourself. There is a tutorial on the readme included with the download on how to do this.

NOTE: For those of you who change your darkrp folder to a different name, you will need to edit the cl_classmaker.lua file at the top. Instructions are in the LUA file.

Well post comments and let me know if anything needs improved/added!

darkrp sucks… but nice looking addon

Lol thanks. I just made this to get more acquainted with derma, and, in particular, combo boxes. :v:

Wow, when I saw this in the new files on, I thought to myself, “Oh great, another shitty .SWF class maker for MingeRP.”

This might actually prove quite useful.

Which exact version of Dark Rp did you make this compatible for?

Just one question can only server owners use this script?
because i dont want people spamming classes on my server

Oh? When i play DarkRP, there is really good players. There is lots of minges, but there is lots of people who really roleplays.

Does it also come with those other models???

This is compatible with version 2.3.7 of DarkRP.

This addon is only useable by Super Admins. Therefore, there will be no spamming in your server.

No, those models are from the GMT Pack if you want to get them.

Don’t forget to post comments after you dl this guys :smiley:

Yeah, you’re lying.

K where do you put this file

You put the folder “Dark RP Class Maker” into your addons.

Really nice addon, but one thing that would be really sweet would be able to add shipments :D, other Than that, great addon!

K when I try to generate it It won’t work.

Are you getting a LUA error? If you are, please post it.

If not, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you installed it correctly (So that it is “garrysmod/addons/Dark RP Class Maker”).

  2. Make sure you are checking the correct directory for the file (“garrysmod/data”, and the .txt file is called “darkrpclassmaker”).

Could do with a nicer interface, but good for server owners.

Awesome, gonna ask the server owner on the server I play on to add this :smiley:

Really usefull addon, just one question: How do you add models to the model selector?

Won’t work for me. I put it in addons, and i create my class, however, when i click generate i go check “D:program files/steam/steamapps/USERNAME/garrysmod/garrysmod/data” and nothing called “darkrpclassmaker.txt” is there… If you could help me figure this out that would be very nice of you :stuck_out_tongue:

and CodyUchiha, to add models to it, go download some player models and they will be able to be selected in the model selection thingy.