In game delete option?

Ok unless I missed it, I didnt see it at all but it would be nice to have an option to delete any ragdolls, npc, entities etc in game menu if I decided I dont want it anymore. The only way its done is to access garrysmod folders where all the contents are. I want a delete option whereas if I decide to delete a ragdoll for example it will delete the model files, materials and all other related files at the same time instead of going into the folders and search for it one by one considering how many files there are.

Thanks for reading.

I have a feature where you can delete it off the list by right clicking on the prop, I don’t know if it’s clientsided or serversided though.

LOL, rate me dumb.

Would be a cool and dangerous feature.
A lua virus could easily delete all of your custom content.

That will only delete the spawn icon,the prop will still be available,but not spawnable with the garrysmod spawnmenu.

Oh, I see.