In-game Donation System(Open Webpage?)

How do I get it to open a web page via Steam Community when a player goes to talk_01?


When he says ‘talk_01’ in chat, it will bring up a derma menu using http.Get for his website, or w/e he wants to go to.


Link the above with THIS

I can’t close the window and it takes FOREVER to pop up. I wanted it to go via Steam Community if possible

Not possible. The steam overlay is a program out-of garrysmod, and thus can’t be run within it.

If you want to make a donation system, I would not recommend having it inside garrysmod. People would feel really insecure donating shit while on a server, which can trace their keypresses and whatnot.

Ugh, you can open up the steam community through the internet. But holy cow have you not heard of

god damnit why are you so retarded??

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If there is no value for showing the close button or not then it shows, and chances are he didn’t set it to anything which means the button will show. And there is no way with lua to run applications. Of course he can, however, open the steam community in a HTML Frame, but that won’t solve his problem.

The reason it takes forever is cause your processor is loading garry’s mod, and trying to open up a website

Wtf sweet

I had no idea this even existed.


Thank you sooo much :smiley:

Only a retard would enter paypal/creditcard details on a server.

I have to agree on this one, there’s no way you can verify if you’re on the actual PayPal website or some phishing site.

Its not fraudulent though

How would the user know that?

Steam Community shows webpage URL