In-Game Forums

This is a small project of mine, it’s an in-game message board type addon.
You’re able to make categories, threads, and posts, as well as manage the users. It stores this data in SQLite.
I was going to wait and get some feedback off the workshop before releasing it, but it hasn’t gotten much attention.
I’ve tested it as thoroughly as I could, and it seems to work well, but it has not been tested on a larger scale.

There are two ways you can get it, either subscribe to it on the workshop, or get it off the GitHub repo. I recommend the latter.
If you get it off the repo, you’ll be able to configure it via the config file.

Setting it up is pretty straightforward, you just drop it in your addons folder, and join the server. You can open it by typing !forums.
Admins will automatically be given the forum admin rank upon joining.
You’ll have to create a category if you want anyone to post, only forum admins can do that.
You can reorder or delete the categories by right clicking them and using the drop down menu, although if you’re not a forum admin it won’t appear.
Threads and posts can also be deleted by right clicking them and using the drop down menu.

Forum moderators can practically do everything that admins can, except for creating, deleting, and reordering categories.
Other than that you’re pretty much good to go, you may delete user’s posts, ban/unban them, or set their rank via the user management window.
When setting the rank, you pull up the list by right clicking the set rank button.
You may also add your own icons pretty easily, I’d recommend making a separate folder within the addons directory, and just make sure the path looks like this:

Upon restart, the icons will automatically be added, and if you’re using the GitHub version, it will also resource.AddFile them.
If you don’t want it to automatically resource them, you can comment it out at the bottom of the forums_init.lua file.

If you have any errors, problems, or suggestions please let me know. You can either post on this thread, message me on here, or leave a GitHub issue on the repo.

TODO: ( Discontinued, I will continue to fix bugs but will probably not be adding more features )

  • Order the threads by the most recent post, right now it only orders them by the original post date.
  • Possibly add the ability for users to choose an avatar.
  • Continue polishing the GUI.
  • Log the actions of admins and moderators.
  • Make the permissions more configurable.
  • Add the ability to change the color scheme.
  • Optimize and clean up the code.
  • Add ability to edit posts.


( Quite a bit has changed since this video. )

Woua ! This look realy good ! Just one question , is there a console command to open the menu ? Cause i’ m using an escape menu and than people would be able to open your menu by pressing escape …

Oh sorry I forgot to mention, you open it up by typing !forums.
You can change the command in the config as well.

Ok , but can you also open it using a console command ? Cause it would be easier for me , i’ m using an escape menu and i can set a console command to a button … So I would like to set the console command to open the menu to a button . Then people gonna be able to open the menu using escape .

Yeah I can do that, in the meantime you could just type “say !forums” in console or bind a key to it.

Ho yea i can do that to thanks xD

I like this. Looks pretty sleek. Lots of users are lazy to sign up on my forums so I might as well add this…

I wanted to translate to my language can you add me in skype to teach me how to?

Errors spammed on client upon connection, only the player that is connecting is affected;

[ERROR] addons/forums/lua/autorun/forums_net.lua:223: attempt to index field 'IGForums' (a nil value)
  1. func - addons/forums/lua/autorun/forums_net.lua:223
   2. unknown - lua/includes/extensions/net.lua:32

This looks amazing! Although Super is right, same thing that happens to me when connecting

It’s kind of cool, but I don’t really see the point of it. It’s extremely limited.

Sorry I didn’t even notice this thread was bumped, nor that this error existed.
I attempted to fix it, try the latest GitHub revision.

There isn’t much of a point to it, I was just practicing the logic behind creating forums.
It was a project I attempted to do when I first started with Lua, and decided to try it again when I was more experienced.

Very cool! I’ve actually wanted to do this before but never mustered up the effort to do so, I’m glad to see that someone else had the same idea.

Honestly this could be one of the best addons out there I would gladly donate some money for you to continue this :incredible: <3

This is awesome man, keep it up.