In-Game Internet Browser

Want to know how I would do this. I thought to try putting it on a plasma tv from PHX, and make it touchscreenable, controlled by the game cursor.

Ideas? Suggestions?

3d2d and the Chrome module

This can easily be done because garrysmod has a built in (unfinished) browser. But why not just use steam browser?

To be quite honest, the steam browser is shit. Chrome is also better than the current HTML implimentation in Lua.

Yeah, Steam browser is fairly crappy. Wouldn’t it just be totally worthwhile to build a lua contraption that does internet on a tv IN the game? And also you could have people looking at the same thing.

Use modules.

I was thinking the same thing. I was also thinking about using dl’s. Good/Bad idea?
Oh wait. dll’s are modules. Duh.

  • Steam Browser (total shit, use if you have to)
  • Chrome Module
  • XFire Web Browser if you have XFire

I just have the game windowed then when it’s loading or something I can browse the internet or do anything else on my PC while I wait.

Read the OP dumb ass, he asked for it INGAME.

Don’t flame :\

Oh, could we?

I love the idea and I will be the first one downloading it from
Would be cool to have some sort of Stream-support for Soccer World Championships
(even though i don’t watch that it would be nice to have something running LIVE…)

Public Viewing Server yay

I’ve looked around in other places, it looks like the idea has taken off elsewhere, too. Whoever comes out with the first one looks like it will be a hit. Developing something like this would require fairly significant manpower, though.

I’ll start on mine; if anyone wants to be part of the fun, let me know. :smiley:

Please tell me if I am wrong but I think this has been done, read the entire thing. He is not keeping the first post updated.

Well he never had a stable release. I think it only counts if you release a completed thing and have already given credits to other people.

This is true but I think it’s a work in progress, at least I hope he did not stop working on it.