In Game IpLogger

well i could really use this and im trying to figuer out if there is a script for this, so i dont have to buy like some gay seth hack or something when thats really all i need, can someone help me out?

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Use some HTML panel with a PHP script and learn english.


Or just Player.IPAddress like the one below me said

Can’t be done with lua easily, as is serverside and your client afaik only connects to the server and not to other players (no P2P).

Also, why would you need another clients IP-Address except for stupid, childish stuff… (like DoS)

Possibly for IP-bans…

Why would you need this? Ban the SteamID and you’re done.
Also the most users have a dynamic ip. So an ip ban would be useless.

Why would he need that clientside? If he is an serverowner he can use the lua way. But as he was talking about sethhack he probably wants it clientside.

No idea, ask him. Maybe he doesnt know about SteamID’s