In-game Lua Searcher

:siren: Yet another update released! When you click a function, its return value and description are shown in the bottom part of the searcher. :siren:

In my Garry’s Mod server, we usually write some small scripts using lua_run. However, remembering the arguments for some functions eventually gets painful and annoying, and we’re extremely lazy to open a navigator. To remedy this problem, I have written a script to fetch data from Overv’s Lua Searcher and show it in-game.

Also, this has Overv’s Seal of Approval:

Extract to addons. Write luasearch in console to bring the interface up.

King Flawless - Idea guy :v:
Overv - Lua Search, bothering to make me a nice KeyValues output
Dotmister - Helped me fix the uppercase letters on KeyValuesToTable’s keys


Thanks! :smile:

Make it display the documentation from the wiki and you have my download :v:

You could just use an HTML panel for that, knowing that LuaSearch takes the stuff from there, but I’ll try.


Update released, does what Hoffa1337 said.

Good download, Will try it out.

Very nice, i threw a wrench at you.

Like that?


Now it has my seal of approval too.

Sounds nice, but i don’t really see point in this while you can run game windowed and just alt-tab into browser with wiki. (I’m saying this from lua coder side)

Because this is faster

Because my computer is old and slow. If I run with the browser, my FPS halves. If I try to run the browser, it takes 2 minutes and my FPS halves.

Is there a way to check the arguments of a function without calling it directly to check for errors? It would be nice to have an offline version that gives you basic information, too, regardless that we’ll be online almost every time we play. It could also be a solution to functions which for whatever reason aren’t listed, or are apart of external API.

I’ll build an offline database if so you wish, let me work on it.

This is nice. But wouldn’t it be more useful as a standalone application? Or maybe have both? That way you could script without having GMod open.

I could code it as a standalone application too, but I am a bit lazy. And this was actually intended for me to be able to do scripts in lua_run quicker, I just released it in case anyone needs it.


Released an update, now the description and the return value appear when you click the function in a frame at the bottom.

Well, I had the idea of writing an intellisense application which uses the website, but that’s probably going to take a long while.

That would be awesome, but not like that other one where it acts everywhere? Like, just in either the console or an editor or something?