In-game Map Ideas

The number of /map requests suggests that many players want an ingame map, and my understanding is that this will be implemented, but how about implementing it in a ‘realistic’ or ‘immersive’ way?

What are your ideas?

How about:

Players position isn’t permanently shown on the map- Player has to make sun-shots/ star shots using a craftable device e.g. sextant to establish their position

Map is blank and filled in as you travel it

I like how you have to learn to recognise your local environment at the moment to work out where you are (even though I lost my base 5 times)- how about once you spend a certain amount of time in a locale, or within view of certain landmarks, your position is always shown on the map in that locale?

Ability to mark areas e.g. resourse areas, enemy bases (friend or foe)

Once you know your latitude/longitude - or grid reference I suppose- you can tell your friends so you can find each other.

How about an advanced craftable PDA type device that can link with friends so you can share your location, marked points etc?

In general I think I would be good if there was more to it than just allowing you to instantly know your position.

Interested to know your thoughts. Love the game!


If you cant handle the game with this,learn the map.Nothing is easier as this.And you have your marker there

Why not just have a simple map that you can find of the area with the main places and have either a craftable pen or lootable one were you can mark down places

I think you should still be forced to identify things yourself, I don’t want this game straying away from that hardcore feel

Like map marker but in game using items

Agreed, this no map thing is a new game dynamic that makes survival a real thing in this game.

Making getting lost possible, if you’re new. Hell, I’ve explored the map a few times and I still get lost when exploring haha.

Having a map with markers makes it a lot easier I have to say, definitely use rust map marks!

Seconded. I don’t think the map should magically record your position. You should have to do that yourself. But I think there should be an in-game craftable map. For me it kills immersion to have to have a map open in my browser.

Yeh exactly, Like how map marker is but an immersive in game one

There is absolutely no need for an in game mini-map / radar. I can navigate myself all over Day Z using a web browser map, terrain/topography, and common sense. It’s a survival skill, if you’re surviving in the wild after a nuclear holocaust or whatever rust is, you’re not going to have GPS to make it super easy for all the kids that want easy mode.

Maybe an in-game PAPER map, that is the same as the web-browser map so I don’t have to Shift-Tab, but really there’s no need.

So be a lil bit realistic.Its an Postapocalyptic Scene.You will awake naked and alone somewhere.Maybe you find paper and a pencil (or a peace of coal)

So how long would it take to make a real map?
If they add an Ingame map,so that shouldnt be an map like this of the Wiki.Maybe only some points

Or maybe as you explore your character charts the land on the map, like fog of war in an RTS game. The more you explore the more the paper map reveals? If we absolutely have to add a map it needs to be paper.

I disagree with the Idea for an Ingame Map.
Guys,come on.
Every second Gamer with more than 20 hours of playing knows this map,knows seperate points to Navigate,knows the ways to their houses,to the Hangar,to the Radzones.

Some Gamers can say where i am if i tell them that a bear shit to a lonely tree.

This map is not complicated to learn.