In-game Map / Waypoint System (Suggestion + Pics! :D)

So because Rust is already very comparable to DayZ, why not take another one of its great features!

We all know you can only fully experience Rust when you play cooperatively with friends/clans/etc. Which is why I suggest implementing an in-game map in which the player can view the world and set waypoints to conveniently find their friends and/or base!
Similar to Arma II, to set a waypoint you simply Shift-click an area in a map. Here is a quick demo I whipped up in photoshop:

The view of the map in-game

The indicator of the player’s set waypoint

I can’t possibly be the only one who thinks this would be a good addition to the game. Thoughts?

No, I don’t think that kind of stuff should happen in this game. The only thing similar to DayZ and the shitty ARMA engine is that there are zombies (temporary because they are a streamlined idea).

You got any reasoning why it wouldn’t be a good addition? At this point I pretty much know my way around the map, but when I first started it took me hours to group up with my friends.

I think it plays into the survival genre of the game and makes it more challenging. In a real survival situation, you don’t get waypoints, and you really don’t get maps either. There is the map you can look up in your browser, but seriously, learn some real life navigation skills. Which way is north, look for landmarks etc. It really isn’t that hard to navigate in rust. Find a high hill, take a look around to get your bearings and go from there. I think a map/waypoint system would take away a fun aspect of the game.

At the very most I would say make findable maps and compasses, VERY RARE, no waypoints or anything.

Very good idea!
BUT! (always a butt in a story ;p)
We should need a Compass!
Some metal, and a blueprint, then it enables the abilty to Pin points on the map!
Isn’t that a good idea! :smiley:

In real life you would just make a map, why not in rust?
Or even make a GPS but it would be very very expensive to make, so it would really hurt when you lost it?
Anyone can make a map from som paper.

You don’t even need a compass just look at the sun…

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The map needs more landmarks is what it needs.

This is exactly why not.

To make a GPS would assume there are functioning satellites in orbit and electricity and computers… so far none of that has been shown in rust. And no… map making is a little more specific that than, but sure, grab a piece of paper and make your own map and tape it to the computer screen. Problem solved :wink:

And no, in real life I would not just make a map. I can navigate and I wouldn’t want to endanger my camp and possible companions if something happened to me. shrugs

It’s supposed to be a struggle at first until you natural known the land.

This isn’t happening unless there’s something that can actually ground the feature into the game (making a lo-fi GPS?) and not leave it as a menu.

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