In-Game moddable weapon

Well honestly, this would be the ultimate mingebag weapon ever, but it would’ve been nice to have when i’m bored and start killing npc’s and try to make their death look funny…

How it works:
It’s a smg, and when you press the reload button, a menu pops up (just like the turret-tool settings) and you can choose damage, Spread, bullets per shot, force and delay on your primary and secondary fire.

It’s just like the SMAC ( ) only it uses bullets :smiley:

I’ve been looking and trying, and if someone really could do this for me, and the mingebags out there that need customizeable firepower, it’d be the most awesome swep in the history in gmod.

Besides, holding a turret with your physgun is really not that fun…


Okay its not like the SMAC, it has infinite ammo, and can shoot as many bullets as you enter :stuck_out_tongue: but besides that, yeah!

I could try to do this, but I can’t promise anything. If I don’t have any progress to show in a week, I’ve probably forgotten about this.

Thanks man :smiley:
keeping in mind that this gun can get you some points, cause it’s not a bad idea, might keep you going :smiley:

Aska made a STool Gun; Download

It’s not up on anymore, nor can I find the thread either. I Re uploaded it though.