In-game Name Changes

In-game name changes,
Such as the FP store?

I’d rather keep the name I registered with.

It would be fine if it was optional.

If you mean like Steam, i don’t see why not.

Well people who bought their accounts from other users would probably want that, but I think it’s better to keep the registered name instead. Changing names seems like a stupid tactic someone can use to pretend to be someone else, there needs to be individualism.

Thing is we don’t know how much the game is gonna cost. If it were say $20; it’d almost just be better to save up the money to buy a new account.
Right now the only thing that will always stay with your character is crafting recipes and your reputation. If stats or important skills were added to the game then you’d have incentive to get a name change rather than a new account. This is all for the devs to decide. I don’t think changing names is their top priority.

It isn’t, but still helpful since all my buds have first names and I kinda feel left out with my username XD

Helk said they’ve been thinking about it so hopefully, a one time change between alpha and beta or a payment option like facepunch. If I can get it, that would be awesome, if not, oh well worth to bring it up~

A name change would be stupid, would end up in people impersonating each other, and a few other things.