In-game recording.

I suggest that we could have a In-Game-Recording into GMOD. We could record with a camera tool instead of using programs like fraps or stuff who you need to download.

Source recorder? Tried it yet?

Yes, tried it in tf2 and made my tf2 freeze (I had to restart my computer ._.)

Lol you need to be more patient.

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You’re supposed to

  1. Demo the session
  2. Render it into tgas afterwards
  3. Combine using QuickTime or sumthing
  4. Attach sound track
  5. Profit

Just get FRAPS, it’s easy.

Problem is it records only for 30 secs with the annoying watermark on top.


Without reg., you get watermarks and only a 30 sec limit.

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If only Valve kept the source recorder’s ability to export to .avi…

Screw Fraps. Go get Dxtory. It’s much more convenient and more versatile.

30 seconds for unregistered. Just…find your own way to make it registered.

Another problem is when you’ve recorded it for 1 minute, the file size is ridiculous

Already done.

It 's because fraps is not compressing the video (if he did it while recording it would take a lot of memory and your game would be laggy or even freeze). I recommend you importing it in a movie editor (vegas ,movie maker… ) and render using another file extension

  1. Record your demo.
  2. Set your framerate (“host_framerate x”)
  3. Render it in h264 format (“startmovie <name> h264”)
  4. Download “Easy h.264” and compress your video with this.
  5. Enjoy a nice video quality and a low file size.

What ‘this’?

Oh dammit, I wasn’t reading the whole thing.

Can’t tell if purposely stupid.

Or… pay… for… fraps…
Its cheap anyways.

Hell, serves me well in 1080p recording.

I’ve had great experiences with both Fraps and Playclaw. Playclaw is good if you’ve got a lower end computer, otherwise Fraps is unmatched for those who can handle it.

As Untouched said, Dxtory is a great program for recording. Definitely worth trying.

This is in GMod 13. Fraps is much faster though… right now.

Fraps? No way, it gives lack of quality and 20% or more slowdown compared to Source Recorder. One just has to use the Developer Console and these console commands:

record "videoname"
stop (Use when you are done recording)
startmovie "videoname, doesn't have to be the same name at all" "extension, replace with tga, raw, wav or just leave blank after the videoname"
endmovie (Use when you finished recording what parts you want recorded)