In-game recording.

Source Recorder requires knowledge to use, it also requires you to render the movie out of game and is not easy to perform a quick record.

Were as Fraps is single button record and gives it to you straight away in a video format if you want more quality then use the lossless record option is Fraps.

At least it’s better than all those money-costing mac programs.

Just get Wegame, it’s not as intense on CPU as fraps is. :eng101:

By fair, You Should all trade in Fraps and get Bandicam, Lot more settings and Less CPU usage. IT also has Youtube Settings for 480p or 720p so you don’t need to render.

Also has a Sony Vegas setting witch makes it editable in Sony program and If you have your Mic.

It spits the sound in 2 sound layers Mic and Game sound.

Here are some pictures

You can also record a box and set it/drag the sides to make it bigger and record what ever you want on your screen by click on target.

Okay, who was the one that came up saying “Dxtory is really good”?

I just tried it. Worst recording program ever.

To all reading this, do not get Dxtory. Ever. It’s a waste.

Try Bandicam

It *is *possible to do that, but the AVI file breaks totally because it often goes over 2 Gigabyte

Video lags with BandiCam

There’s only a million guides out there for source recorder… there are other programs to record in-game. If you want a quick clip or two (say for multiplayer TF2, or a little gmod demonstration), use ‘We Game’, it’s free and can upload to an online streaming site at the click of a button.

That’s a bannable offense now? What the fuck, what would be the difference between that and linking to a google search? Or is that bannable now too…

Well. If fraps or bandicam lags for you. then you might need a better computer and look for a crappy recorder. nothing else we can tell you.

Not trying to flame or troll. its common sense.

Convenient and versatile? Absolutely not.
Much better recording and performance? Yes.

Take about two minutes to set it up and your good to go.

Use srcdemo² it’s smoother and faster you can transform a ultra laggy video even if you have low settings in a really faster video with the final video fps that will have and effective recording fps to make smoother what are you recording. works with all source engine games even garry’s mod

The file size, man. It hurts.

Then just use a video compressor?

Lol, as a gold member, u should know objecting against a ban is immediate ben no questions asked.

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Or learn how to source record? Render the video? And upload to youtube? Nah, I sm with u. Kids, get a video compressor.

fuck it im going out and saying it.

IF you cant record with fraps or any other good recorder. Get a better computer.

don’t spend 2 mins recording some crappy thing and its lagging for you. that’s is your problem and no one wants to watch bad quality videos

Fool around with the settings. that’s why you should get bandicam.
If your still getting bad fps turn down your game settings…
If not… read the top of this post again

Video settings

settings in recording looks like

settings in format

And presets looks like

You can set your FPS when recording OR set the limmit off so it records what ever fps your getting as you record

It even has a box you can record on your screen by clicking on

and would look like this

Then it would turn red when you record

Also when recording At the top shows what size the window you are recording and on the program it shows at the top like this

at the bottom showing 51 secs and still recording and its 42.5mbs

Also… Get a Video converter Render the video so the file is not so big of a size to upload it…

Demo’s, nuff said.