In Game sound really quiet?

guy’s i’ve had this issue for around 3 days now, game was running fine, but now the sound ingame is really quiet the rest of my computer sound is fine, i’ve tried looking in my windows sound setting’s, in my sound card setting’s, but nothing i do makes the sound louder, has anyone had this issue? thanks


use these commands, from 5 to 10 will fix it finally :slight_smile:


not gmod lol.

there are no sound options on the new rust version

Ooh, This is for rust, I didn’t notice what section this was in. my bad.

just tried re installing didnt work, it seems the running and ingame sound is low, but the actually actions for sounds is fine

Hey, hopefully this helps with your in game sound issues (I’m assuming you’re running windows). Right click on on the speaker icon on your task bar and go to ‘Open Volume Mixer’. Here you can re-balance the sound levels of each app through windows.

Do you use voice chat software while you play? Doesn’t seem to apply to every application, but this has gotten in the way for other people in the past. Right clock on the speaker icon on your task bar and go to “Playback Devices”. Click on the communications tab and select the “Do Nothing” radial button. This setting diminishes the sound levels from applications other than the application that has priority access to your microphone, disabling it as we have might help.

Chance your problem could be something other than these entirely, but figured it was worth a shot. Good luck.

You’re not the only one. My main menu volume is ear bleeding loud and the in game sound is not loud enough.