In game Swep Maker?

I thought maybe with some hard work, someone might be able to make an ingame swep maker. The sweps could be unsaveable, so people don’t post crap on Any thoughts?

So they’d make a SWEP like a decent one, but not be able to save it?

This seems like a stupid idea without being able to save it.

Couldn’t this be done through editing the turret code?

I’m not too sure how you would go about it, but basically there is a code out there that gives you options to edit the damage and bullet spread through the menu, has anyone heard of the turrets? ANyway… All you would have to do is edit it (I’m not sure how much and what you would add or remove) to get it to give it to the player.

Sorry about my vagueness but I’m rather new to LUA coding.

Well, maybe be able to save it, but not as a file or something. You know, so we dont get a million dumb uploads.