in game voice chat causes 1-3 second lag.

Hello! I’ve been having a problem on Garry’s Mod where when I use ingame voice chat causes a 1-3 second freeze. Can anyone with this issue?

Audio Driver: Realtek HD audio

Things i’ve tried:

  1. Updating my Driver

  2. Changing the default Format of my mic in advanced settings

  3. Unchecked Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device

It seems number 2 fixes it temporarily. However after about 10-20 minutes the freeze happens again. Anyone know other possible solutions? This issue makes gamemodes like TTT, murder, etc almost unplayable.

I literally said in OP that I tried that :speechless:

Anyone got a solution? I tried everything I saw on the forums on how to fix it and nothing worked.

Does anyone have other solutions? I’ve tried the link above before but it only fixes it for a short time. Please this bug is extremely annoying.