In game web browser

I’m talking about a spawn-able entity like the youtube player which all other players can see. I have a private server just for me and some of my mates and would like a web browser so I can go on to nasty websites and burn their innocence.

Anyway, I did a google search and the only thing I could find is gm_chrome, fair enough, but it’s not a spawnable entity :stuck_out_tongue:

Help is appreciated, thanks!

The steam community in-game. Just pop open the in-game steam menu, go to community, then type whatever website you want to go to in the address bar.

I think me means like an entity you can spawn, like the YouTube player.
There isn’t really anyone yet, only stuff like this
But that’s only a screen overlay, and not really spawnable.

I’ve seen a couple things on youtube which use gm_chrome as a spawnable entity, but none of the tools share it >__>

PlayX has an addon that uses gm_chrome, and you can point it to a web address, but it’s not exactly shared.

And no, Gmod Tower aren’t really fond of sharing their plugins. Azui did release part of the tv tower uses on his SVN, though.