in gmod?

in gmod, how do you put custom made maps that people made in gmod from

Put the bsp file in the maps folder.

i tried but when i turned on gmod the it wasnt there


what do i do?

Do you have gmod running when you install it?

no sometimes though


but not really


well i have no problem with a map that is just a map but i do with a map that already has props in it like a fort


anyone can someone halp me?


i think hes talking about saves? O_o

Brain hurts now. Do you meen a save?

I think he means a VMF.

Fuck I don’t know.

pefect post/avatar combo

im talking about maps that have props already in them

most maps have props in them, If you start a map and it has errors you probally are missing a game (eg CSS, TF2, DoD, etc)

also be more discriptive with your titles, so you don’t get UTT…again

Instead of putting “in gmod” put “Having troubles installing maps” or something like that


also your in luck. I just had happend to make a tut a few days ago