In Honor of the Late Robert Culp...

In honor of the late Robert Culp, the voiceactor for Dr. Breen, I propose that all “Kill Breen” saves be removed from, and anybody who uploads them in the future should be banned immediately.

(Somewhat related, but didn’t want to make another thread: or just add a file ratings system so us users can have shitty files and reuploads removed (similar to Newgrounds’ blam system).)

he’s just a voice actor

and hl2 is the first place you ever heard of him, and you never cared about the character until he died irl.

Yes, only because 99% suck anyway.

Death put aside, the stupid “kil breen dun cheat!” saves, have got to go. They are such a waste of space.

Should have made the poll public I wanna know who said they make them.

3 yes replies, 1 no.

OP knows how to make an unbiased poll :downs:

But yeah these saves are retarded and should be removed.

That has nothing to do with it being biased.

Well that and it makes the “no” option sound stupid

This is incredibly late. More to the point, we’re talking about a death within the context of real life. Why would we want to remove everything having to do with a character invented by Valve?

This is just one of those “remove the [insert object] from the site” threads. Can’t anyone actually make a post complaining about rule violations?

Like Garry said, the website is not intended for the best files. Anything can be uploaded as long as they follow the rules.

On a side note:
Shame no one bothers to enforce the rules. I still see a good number of warez, SVN, etc.

The poll is pretty pointless. It’s esentially Yes I agree/No I am a faggot. I support removing them on the account that they suck.

You need a fucking clock. BAD

You made a shit post. There is nothing but moral indecencies mentioned, and even if accepted, your posted punishment is comparable to a death sentence.

A mod should lock this thread, as its contribution is equal to zero.

OP RP: We should ban anyone who makes anthing about [enter dead person here] on

[dead person]s: Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, George Bush(He might as well be), zombies, and last but not least JESUS!

BACK TO MY PERSONA: I don’t like these types of uploads, but THIS FUCKING SITE ISN’T FUCKING BASED ON A PERSONS FUCKING MORAL VIEWS, SO GROW UP AND STOP TRYING TO START AN INQUISITION! EVEN THE POPE FAILED THE INQUISITION! GIVE UP! That goes to all of those “take out the porn” fuckers too. I don’t look at them, but they have every right to be there.

To Mod: Please don’t ban me for this post, if it is out of line, please remove it. I don’t know the boundaries[I have read the rules, and this is kinda blurry, but not so much that I know it is too risky].

I tip my hat to you Blazemann. Well said.

Where? :laugh:

Anyway, I best be off. I’m gonna go spawn 100,000 Breen NPC’s and slaughter them all violently.

Actually I just wanted a reason other than the other two in the poll.
I didn’t even know who Robert Culp was. I just saw his death as an excuse to call for the deletion of these crappy saves that are wasting space on Garry’s servers.

You totally missed the point of this thread, dude.
(And don’t worry, I think your post was only borderline flaming, but still acceptable.)

You mean a calendar? :downs:

i wish there was a a a
“kill G-man misshion”
“kill breen”

Hey guys Valve killed breen in HL2



Or did they?
sorry just had to. (seriously though i believe breen might appear in ep:3, but with a new voice actor now unfortunately, you all won’t be laughing after i explain my reasoning! you all think i’m mad!)
It’s quite a noble idea to carry out such a simple gesture, but have you seen how many their are?
I’d say go for it, they need to be removed anyways.

Gman is harder to kill because he has more health and besides he is mean’t for silly poses not killing.