In need for a Tiramisu Schema.

I have been looking around for a while and really don’t know what to do. I think I may have settled on Tiramisu just for the fact that it has an inventory for people to save things that they have.

Here are my ideas for my server.

You play the life of a citizen in the city. The map i found on toybox is evocity_v17. It seems suitable for everything that i want and evocitys are awesome. People spawn and create there character. They live life in the city. I want there to be different Jobs they can take on. For INstance a DJ at the Dance club or a store owner. Those would be jobs accessible by any citizen. Then they could do some sort of application in game and an admin would be able to add them to a different group (whitelist). where they can become Firefighter or basic police. This extra group also has more “flags”. They can do more things. If it was possible i would like the police to have ranks. Recruit, etc… As a police officer things become available to you like access to certain doors. Once a police officer you may apply to be a chief or even start a political campaign to be mayor of the town. As your rank is higher the more things come available to you.

Citizens Can choose from several jobs.

Police should have a radio to communicate between each other, Handcuffs ( already found a SWEP for this ), maybe a police baton. I also want to integrate a
speedmeter into the HUD. That way using a radar gun they can pull people over that are speeding. ( i found a radar gun swep. ) EvoCity has posted speed limit signs and i think it would add to the roleplaying experience.

I dont really want to have all that many HL2 references in it. Its kind of like a CityRP.

A bank system would be cool too. Have the SQL store peoples bank accounts and have a script that runs every, say 30 mins they get so much % interest. Way for citizens to build up a bank account

I was doing searching around and Tiramisu looked to be the most compatible. Some questions, can i use mySQL with it? Is there another gamemode i should use instead?

Thanks in Advance.

Here you go Real Life RP.
It was a standar schema in tiramisu but it was bugged a nice guy Mr. jocken fixed it.