In Need For Model Links/Downloads

Hey guys, I haven’t done any screenshots in a long while, been lurking around the mapping section for a while.

During that time I’ve gone through a reformat and a few different gmods. So im here inquiring for some models, ones such as the SAW Pack for guns but others like military dudes, you know, the lot.

Also i’m looking for a pack that had a huge amount of CT and T skins and models.

Thanks ahead for the links and hope to get some screens to show off :v:

Why didnt you just ask me right away?
saw pack:

Thanks those were the ones i was looking for.

Also a bigger SAW Pack

Any one else got any kick ass models? looking for some swords and stuff for a pose i got in mind.

If you got dark messiah, you can get some awesome ones there. But you should download age of chivalry, it has some good swords and stuff.