In need of a 3D modeller & Animator for a gamemode being created!

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A Pirate’s Life For Me will (hopefully) be a game mode with both Singleplayer and Multiplayer features.

The Singleplayer portion of the game will be similar to the game “Faster Than Light”.

“Your ship has been stolen while docked, and the crew on board killed during the takeover. It’s time to get a new ship and begin your pursuit across many oceans and pick up crew along the way to get your old ship back and exact revenge!”

In the Multiplayer version of the game players will be able to face off against other players ships and crew members. The remaining ship at the end of the battle will receive prizes and awards. Larger games will be available where players can play as crew under a player captain, allowing large battles like 10v10 with only two ships! Maybe certain battles could include more than two ships?

This project will require many high detail models to be created, ranging from wooden crates to detailed cutlasses and ship sails. Message me if you’re interested!

**If you guys are anything like the mapping section you will be wondering about payment. At the moment I don’t have any payment to offer as I’m a student who is literally struggling to afford food right now. Maybe in the future I can muster something up but I’m not too sure! If you were to take on this project it would be out of motivation to hopefully create an awesome gamemode!

Contact me via PM, Steam or email**