In need of a cheap, trustworthy UK hosting

Hi facepunch, I recently took the decision to make my own Gmod server and was planning on using UKGame as my host - however after looking in to it I came across alot of horror stories regarding their customer support.

Could someone please suggest a trustworthy UK/European host for about £13 per month for 14 slots? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

Just a warning before you find this ServerFFS is NOT the answer, i’m leaving them for UKGame. I’ve been with them in the past and it was great.

ServerFFS are restarting my server constantly because i’m using 20% CPU when my server was full, what do they expect?
Don’t even get me started on there customer support :slight_smile:

UKGame is unreliable from what i’ve heard

Then i’m also in need of a good host.

Thanks for the warning about serverFFS

DON’T GO WITH UKGAME!!! you will regret the choice you will make.
GSP are crap and too expensive because people don’t know how to use SRCDS and create there own servers. I curently own a VPS and its cheaper than anything out there.
Ukgame is crap. The only reliable person that was on contract with m247 left. and they will charge you for help.

UKGame. Worst GSP I personally have seen to date. Have you seen some of the reviews here on facepunch about UKGame? If not, use search.

So if not UKGame, what other options are there?

This is the best ,

I’ve looked at xenon servers but it seems that their servers are hosted in America.

But why you realy need to be hosted in UK

just go get a VPS at www.nqhost.ocm and get one in germany , its close enough for the litle you pay

I can safley say is a good host as far as i can see. They are hosting the most garrysmod servers out of all.

They also put one hundred servers on one box.

buying a vps is the only way to make sure you get what you want cheaply

$15 for a VPS with 512MB of ram. That’s not going to hold anything near of what my server needs. For $15 i can easily get 15 slots.

i can host 4 servers on it with no problems at all with 10 players on each

Sadly enough i need around 30 slots, and its fretta gamemodes with ballloads of stuff. and cater to GMod the most. Even if they are American. is not purely american. They have a location in Germany.