In need of a Machinima Team :)

Hey guys, I’m new to making Machinimas, and I’ve been making some alone, but not really posting them.
I need you to help with a Machinima team I want to make, we’ll all think of the name.
Here are the guidlines:

*If you get low fps, you must be able to deal with it.
*No angering other members.
*You must have a lot of Hard Drive space, we will be downloading many things.
*When we are going to work on a Machinima, you MUST be there, if you can’t be there, say why can’t.
*Absolutely no fighting, I have zero-tolerance for fighting.

So far, I need a:
*face poser -check-
*voice actors -check-
*body actors -need more-
*posers (“in game animators”) -may need more-
*picture editor -check, (may need more)-
*Sound editor -check, (may need more)-
*Server Hoster -Check, done-

-If you can be more that one of these tell me.
-If you have any other ideas of which I will/may need post it.

Add TheCookieMonster101 to Steam. [If you want in the Machinima Team!]

Edit #2:
The one I am planning now is more of a serious Machinima, but I will plan to make Comedy Machinima’s later on.

-HUGE- Edit #3:
*First machinima idea changed
*Group made, Machinima team called “Run through Films”
*Intro template made. (being worked on)
*Video editor chosen, picture editor chosen

Edit #4:
If the last three add me to steam I’m finished searching for people.

Final Edit:
We are full, thanks for your help!

So you are the ideas guy?

I’m the Director/Camera Man/Idea Guy

But, we all think of the ideas.

Voice would probably fit me best. I don’t really have much time, but with the voice I don’t physically have to be present. Therefore, I can do teh voice anytime I’m free

I guess I could be a body actor. Also, what do you mean by a lot of hard drive space? How much stuff is going to be downloaded?

I could possibly be a picture editor.

i could b a face poser + voice person

I think I can be a voice actor.

I don’t mean like a “Holy-Bejesus” amount of space, I mean like, in all - 100 m/b? (mostly maps)

We are going to Need:
*Mad Cows Weapons 2.0 BETA - <— This will be needed later on

*Pheonix Storms - <— This will be needed later on

*Wiremod - <— This will be needed later on

*Catmull-Rom Cinematic Cameras -

*RP_Christmastown -

*Winter Pack -

*Real Snowball Swep -

*Santa Hat V2.1

-Later on there will be more

Incase you didn’t know I can also make graphics, logos, website layouts, ect. - Pretty much anything to do with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

That’s awesome, perhaps a logo for our Machinima team, (Once we think of a name for it).

Well what is this project you currently have about? An elaboration would be nice.

You will need someone to edit the sounds in…

If you need someone i will do the sound editing

And hopefully the one who is going to edit everything.

But yeah, it’s always a bad idea to start off like that… first of all… make some machinimas by yourself,
then continue working on them with some friends instead of random people.

Well - I forgot to mention, I did try to work with friends, and their friends, but It didn’t really work out.

And of course I will edit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And, Hi DMGaina your Videos are awesome.

Then they weren’t the right set of friends. Maybe you should make a small machinima, and then go bigger. NEVER start big. I did that, bit off more than I could chew and fumbled. That’s why I don’t do machinima anymore.

That’s the reason I’m not starting big, I mean the machinima team may become “big,” but I do not intend to make big Machinimas right at the start.

I wouldn’t make the team too big. Keep it small. As for me, I can help you still if you need me to but I don’t feel comfortable working on this.

It depends on what you mean by big, the max I’ll probably have is 10-12.

Will it consist of V.A.'s and Scene Builders?