In need of a method

Hi ,

What code should i use to have a unique or almost unique result every time it runs .

Here is what it needs to do .

it has 52 unique variables , it needs to share the variables over an ammount off “ids” in this way ; when there are 2 “ids” it needs to give every “id” 2 random variables , after that , it needs to take 3 variables and hand them to for example “machine” , then it needs to give 1 variable to " machine2" then it gives 1 more to “machine” , the rest of the variables are unused.

If u understand this please help me.
Everytime it has to share the variables on a different way. like in a card game after u shaked the cards

This is really hard to understand tell us what you are trying to make it may help

local card = math.random(1,52)


I’m making a card dealer.

So it has to share the cards of a poker game .