In need of a modeler for Saxxy Entry (Read)

Good day, ladies and gentlemen of Facepunch.

I am in need of some guy who can edit four classes (edit, not sculpting) into wearing ghostbusters-like uniforms and a empty full knight armor made form the Dark Ages Defender.
The reason I am writing this here is simple: no one is helping me and both my modeler had quitted for their reasons.
If you can help me, have skills, want to be in a Saxxy team and all, contact me. I truly need someone with some experience to do those things as currently I am relying on a guy whose skills are unknown and might be very bad.

Please, don’t waste posts writing to use normal assets or cosmetics that there are as I do not use normal TF2 assets.

Thanks to whoever is reading this

editing still means sculpting. making hwm models. you’d need hwm models right? only the source sdk has the source for the hwm. but the base is probably old and has been redone. so… this is a lil bit to do.

I don’t even need a HWM model at this point, even headless models are okay but just…

you wanna headhack? ugh. okay. this is even more weird.

you know… easy… is to find and get her to respond and ask ‘her’ if she still has them. you got a saxxy to offer as reward. :smile:

If I should say some words, those wouldn’t be nice ones I must say.

I didn’t wanted to reskin classes, I rightly wanted to avoid using classes and make something new.

But welp, apparently I can’t.

I only need to hope this guy I found, who’s my only last option, does his work correct.

who’s your option? govdisc? if so… you gon’ see what he does. if he can do it. he knows you want the jumpsuits. pyro he ‘said’. i’ll not bother him tho. not my ‘contract’. :smile: