In need of advice for a construction

hey guys i need your help.

me’n two of my friends want to build a huge spaceship in gmod, we’re having some problems in the very beginning though. we’re still working on the hull as you can see on the following screenshots.

so what we’re trying to do is duplicate and “mirror” the whole construction while also turn it upside down, so we only have to equal constructions to finish the complete hull.

the problem as you probably have guessed is the jiggling and spasms of the props, also the weight is a problem. we’re using addons like: weight stool, no collide multi, easy precision, smart weld and still we can’t get it quite right.

i tried some of the parenting stools a while ago but they all had their own issues and little problems, the idea behind them is most likely the best answer to our problems.

so i ask you guys if you can tell me “the best” ( in know that’s a matter of opinion) stools for what we want to achieve. i am aware of the fact that what we want just might be too ambitious to realize, since it’s such a HUGE F***ING CONSTRUCTION!

we need your assistance master builders!

thanks in advance.

edit: forgot to mention we also used weight stool

Weight stool?

forgot to mention that we’re using weight stool