In need of Help for the Wiki(Stats for the new Items)

Greetings Everyone,
I’m Currently Translating the Rust Wiki into German when i saw a new Update was Released which Added some new items and Rebalanced all armor stats
So i wanted to ask if anyone could provide me the new Stats of the new Items so i can add them to the English and German Wiki

Stat Info i need(List Copyed from the Changelog)
• Added Explosive Charge item, easily takes down a door but very difficult to craft(Cost needed to Craft)
• Added Kevlar Pants, Kevlar Shoes(Cost needed to Craft and Armor Stats)
• Added Radiation suit armor(Cost needed to Craft and Armor Stats)
• Rebalanced all armor stats(All the New Armor Stats as it seems)

I would be really gratefull if someone could provide me with the information listed above even if you can just name one Piece of Information(i.e Cost of Kevlar Pants) it would really help out alot.

Best Regards,