in need of help with curved windows in hammer (possibly modelling?)

my problem is as follows, I have a curved hallway with large windows on one side of it for a csgo map I am working on. I would like them to continue around the curved section of the hallway as well.

The problem is that the windows are rather “detailed”, so the frames of the windows get heavily stretched and uneven in shape whenever I try to do it.

I can see only solution to this, and that is to make a model out of the window to fit them correctly around that curve.

more reference pictures

If anyone would like to help me, I uploaded the .vmf file with all materials and textures used, along with an .obj file of the brushwork here:

Use the Vertex tool and manipulate your brushes until they fit the bill.

You can also create a cylinder approx. to fit curves shape to use as a guide on where to drop the vertices

If you still want to and can make a model I’d suggest it for the frame of the window atleast to save up on brushes, faces, etc.

That would be nice of you, the problem with just creating an arch or a cylinder around that curve (just like I did it with the ground that the window frames are standing on) is that some parts of the frames are really small, too small in fact. some parts of it are only 1 brush thick and I would like them to stay that way, but curving those around just look odd.

This thread will help you. It helped me on creating a nice curved window

Thank you very much for the link! I learned some useful tricks that I didn’t know before, but it doesn’t really help me much with my problem.

I can create the “outer” window frames easily, like here:

The problematic part is the “inner” window frame that is marked here, along with the “outer” frame that separates each inner window frame marked with blue lines.

Is that actually source?

That is source

So, I wasn’t doing anything and modeled it for you in case you need, it’s far from perfect (sorry bout that) but should work

ps: not unwrapped nor exported to source

That’s one sexy curve with windows

That is one sexy curve indeed, thank you so much!

Unwrapping and texturing shouldn’t be a problem at all for me, I will read into how I would get the model into source and if anything goes wrong, I will leave another post here.

Oh, looks like I have a competitor

You guys are awesome, thank you for taking your time to help. To me, the whole process of getting the model ready for source (csgo) is still kinda confusing. qc files are especially giving me a headache right now as I am reading about them.

Your job with the texturing also looks way better than mine with my first attempts on zamoths model.
Really, I appreciate it a lot!

Currently working on the collision model. How accurate do you want it?

I can’t thank you enough! As long as the player doesn’t get stuck in the frame while walking into it, it should be fine. So a simple arch around them would be great. :slight_smile:

Also it would be nice if players can stand on the ledge that is the white metal thingy at the bottom.

Can I use it on my Gmod Map? It’s really nice xd

If either Stiffy360 or zamoth allow you to use it then sure! Since they did all the work.

I really don’t want to unnecessarily bump this post but it’s been one week and my map is still missing a sexy window!

quick wip picture

Weren’t one of them making the window into a model for you there?

yeah but I haven’t heard from any progress since

You can use the basic application of instances outlined in this map description.

I used the concept to create the windows and ceiling of this room.