in need of help

i just absolutely suck at building, i take ages to even get started on anything. im wondering if someone could be kind enough to add me on steam and help me whenever i need it or a server with good and decent builders on it, my steam is wickerman123

So, you’re looking for a mentor or a personal slave to help you out whenever?

:sax: :sax: :sax: :sax: :sax: :sax: :sax: :sax: :sax: :sax: :sax:

not a slave, just sumone who is willing to help me thats all

I thought your internet was capped and can’t play online.

Fucking OWNED! Anyways I would help you but i already have so many other mooches having me make stuff for them that I barely have time to make my own things T_T

Yeah just visit Sax’s EU whenever and I’ll help you if I’m there.

The community is now hosting the following servers:


EU Public:

EU Private:

US Public:

Sax is the answer to everything

Most things…

Where should you play? Sax
What’s a good gmod server with all you need? Sax
What’s your mother’s last name? Sax

everything I tell you :smiley:

Hahahahahaha you got me!


You don’t have to be good at building to make something nice, if you want just learn Wire and make an engine or something. I’m pretty good at wire but I suck ass at building.

AustinM has a point. I am the exact opposite however, I love building and am fairly decent at it but when it comes to wire; I am down right terrible at it. Adding on to AustinM’s statement, there are many different qualities you can excell at in Garry’s Mod. Those qualities could range from ragdoll posing, wire, building, roleplaying, lua, mapping, etc. Choose what you want to do and what is fun for you.

If you still feel the need to exceed in building, try this exercise. Take a picture of the thing you would like to build, and try to remake it in Garry’s Mod. I’ll give some examples.

Keep practicing and eventually you will pick up techniques that will help you out with future projects.

yes i have limited bandwidth, but its been upgraded from 20gig to 40gig so now i can play online, but only when my dads not busy on the internet.

no im not asking someone to build stuff for me, how would i get better at building then?

thanks il keep that in minde :slight_smile: amazing designs btw! :smiley:

ive started on a wipeout type racer cos i found a decent expression, i think il practice with these for a while :slight_smile: