I currently am helping a friend out with a DarkRP server, and there are a few things that we are in need of that we cannot seem to find the right people to do it.
I currently have some ideas for our server, but neither myself or the owner are very experienced with LUA coding. We are willing to pay, but nothing too crazy.

To contact me to help with any of the following or discuss how much you are looking for money wise, Add me on Steam.
STEAM: Buckchuck


Go to the server forums. (HERE) and then register and post under Suggestions, and please post your Steam name and what you are willing to work on.

If you are going to make ANY of these for me you must agree that you will NOT do the following:
-Tag your work.
-Steal from another creator and claim it is your’s.

If you are going to make ANY of these for me you must agree to the following:
-Make sure that your content actually works, and if it breaks, or doesn’t work you WILL fix it, otherwise I expect my money back.

I ask that these addons/scripts not be SUPER COMPLEX, so later on I can go back and change them somewhat if need be, or I will contact you to help if need be.

What we are in need of:
-DarkRP HUD (We will discuss what I am looking for when you contact me.) OPEN

-Hitman/Mercenary System
We are in need of a system were a Mercenary can open a menu and check his hits, and also if a player wants to hit someone else, they would type /hit and a menu would pop out and he could select who to be hit on. And as the Mercenary he could type /hitlist, checking the current hits that he was hired for. The Mercenary should then be notified that a new hit has been added in the middle of his screen. Also, if there are two Mercenary’s it should be like a competition, so if someone places a hit, ALL Mercenary’s will get the hit but only one can complete it, making it more challenging. OPEN

-Paycheck Man NPC
I was looking for a Paycheck System, so whenever your paycheck/salary is given to you, it says in your spot, You have received a check for $… at the Paycheck Man. Then you go to the paycheck NPC which I will spawn in-game and then press E on him and he opens a menu saying: “Hey, NAME, here to pick up your paycheck?” And Option 1 saying: “Yes, gimme my money!”, and “No thank you, I’ll be on my way now.” OPEN

-Mayor Assassination System
If someone was to assassinate the mayor, the mayor would be demoted, and the assassinator will be wanted for killing the mayor. OPEN

My Drug Baron class I added the Durgz Mod entities, but. . whenever I spawn a Shipment of Durgz, Everytime you take a drug from the box, it just duplicates, so there are now 2 from the 1. I have heard around that this is sometimes a common error, so if anyone could so kindly help with this as well.

-Custom DarkRP Leaderboard
We are looking for a sweet ass leaderboard that says: “Raid For Fun RP” at the top, and it shows everyone’s job, and ULX group they are in (Donator, Mod, Mod+, Admin, SuperAdmin. . .)

SIDE NOTE: I am in need of someone to run me through adding custom models to the server, I have tried EVERYTHING! And we cannot seem to add them to the FAST DL. I am using NFO Hosting. We’ll talk. Also, if anyone can help with the fact that on our F4 menu, the model shows up as an error on the thumbnail of the job even if you do already have the model, I am guessing this has something to do with the fact that we can’t figure out FastDL though. OPEN

Hey I can help you with the Fast DL custom models, forcing players to download custom models.
Add me to steam
Steam: Jak Ze Shooter

Also way to copy my lua coder hiring post…

I can help with a few things, pm me back.

Lol, sorry. . I was kind of in a hurry, so I just went to the first one I saw. Thank you so much for that though! (:

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I added you, I will speak to you around 3PM EST today, as I am preparing for school now.

I live in Australia. Your timezone will be completely different to mine.

Okay, well. . we will figure something out. :slight_smile:

Alright, PM me tomorrow when your on. I mean I also have school and such, we’ll see what we can figure out.

Adding you on my alternative account now as well.


If you could PM me the HUD information, I’ll maybe do it.

I was talking to your friend RFF | - Jordan. He said he had some issues with his computer or something. Anyway check my steam profile. I have 2 images of a HUD. Jordan seemed to like it. The latest one is kinder different, not sure about the top part though. PM me back with your thoughts and remember I can also help with other stuff.

Yes and i think i fixed thoughs issues i dont know yet if anyone knows how to fix Keyloggers and shit like that please reply to me and btw the Server for the coding is my server hes looking for people to code for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I know he is looking for someone for you, although you weren’t online, and I was unsure of how to contact you other then steam.

Yea well im on everyday now so just hit me up

Click here <3

Mayor Assassination System, Check.
Hitman System, Check.

There’s two down for you buddy :slight_smile:

I have offered to do the Mayor Assassination System, along with the HUD and maybe some other stuff. Just letting you know.

What, just letting me know to shut up?

So what you are saying is that, Shhh, that’s for free I know, but I want to hide that till he pays me?!


No. That’s not what I was doing. I was just informing you that I was willing to help them. They already have it now anyway.

Here’s my attempt at a DarkRP Hud:

I’ve never understood the need for your job and salary on the HUD…

Yeah, not many people are going to forget…