In need of more players>>Game of Thrones - Westeros w/[RUST++], 1/2 Craft, PVP and Sleepers

Type F1. Once in the console, type “net.connect” to join our server.

Active admins, Available advice, Wipes only when there needs to be, Simple Rules…

-No Mega Douche Bags. Don’t kill new spawns unless they’re begging for it.
-No Crying. Sometimes you die in Rad Town… get over it.
-No Spamming Chat.

We’re a friendly group, looking for more players. Enemies or allies, doesn’t matter to us. We’re looking for numbers! We hope you and your friends decide to join :slight_smile:

“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.”


woohoo! I got one new person!

Yo this server is awesome!


ahoy matey. id be sailing with these landlovers and they are the best crew a Captain could have.

Join Us.