In Need of Server Help

Hello there, I’ve been having trouble my private gmod server. It was running fine just yesterday and when I go to make another one it keeps telling my friends that the server is not responding. I have forwarded ports 27005 to 27015 and it was working. I’d appreciate any help as I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this for the last hour and a half already.

Is the server running on port 27015? (For example, when you start the game client before the server, the client will bind to 27015, making the server bind to 27016.)

Well I’m running the server through the client which seemed to work before. When I’m starting a new game I just choose the option for 2 or 4 players and then start it. Would a dedicated server be more stable? I could set one up but it seemed to be working the other way just yesterday.

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Also I’ll give expanding the port range a try to see if that works

Type status in the server console to check if the port is right. And yeah, a dedicated server would be a better idea. (Remember to use SteamCMD, not hldsupdatetool)

Ah it’s working again but thanks, I’ll look into getting a dedicated server instead they seem better