In need of server help

I am currently trying to set up a server and I have everything I need in order. Garrys Mod is up-to-date, port fowarding is done, the server config is…config-ed, but the thing is, when I try to visit it using something other then the Local Address, it does not work, and I am using the External Address. I even tried Hamachi.
The way I have the server set up is a computer only using the plain as is Garrys Mod, no cs:s, tf, nothing. The server is on DSL due to living out in the country. It also haves LogMeIn and TeamViewer.
If you like to help PM me.

So what I signed, it looks pretty.

it sounds like your server is having a problem reaching to the out side world there. so check your ports your fire wall maybe talk to your isp ?

I will check with the Firewall, hell, I will turn it off temp.

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Still nothing.
Btw, I’m modifying via LogMeIn. So I’m not playing on the same computer.

You cannot connect to a external IP locally the last time I checked. Same computer or not, they are on the same network.

Well, I’m not even on the same network as my computer, hell, not even the same provider, hell (again), I’m 20 Miles away from the server it self, but I own it, as in its all mine (Technically), no other person asking me money to run it.

Then how are you using a local address.

Are you sure you’ve actually forwarded the ports correctly?

Well, I couldn’t get 27015 done, It said there’s one that exists.
Btw, I’m using netgear router.

What made you think I was using the local address? I’m not that dumb to think I can locally use it when I’m using 2 different ISPs for my laptop and for the server.

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If you think you can help, I can give you the info to control the server.

that is a bad thing to do. don’t give out info and try passing data threw the same ports that g mod requires and wee where that gets you.

Can you clarify that?

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Found the DMZ function on my router, lets see if that works. Btw, I did this with the…gateway(?), man I forgot what it was called, but using the router as the DMZ server, soo, I think that should work

What the hell? I put in my IP on my laptop and it leads me to the Gmod Wiki? What the fuck?

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Oh, wait, I forgot to get the remote computer clipboard.

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