In need of the LATEST Spacebuild gamemode

Hey guys :slight_smile:
So, I downloaded SpaceBuild 3 addon. And the dummy gamemode. Dummy gamemodes are not working, so I am looking for the latest Spacebuild 3 : The New Age gamemode.

You need SVN.

your not in NEED of it…

cmon now DUH!!! Of course i need the latest version. Link please? No bumps please. I’m looking for an answer, not goddamn chit-chat.

yeah, i want to know where to get the latest SB addon, ive got the model pack. but thers so many different SB’s so i dont know which one is the right one : /

If you want to use SVN:
Read everything on that page CAREFULLY

If you don’t want to use SVN:

There is no goddamn gamemode. ONLY A DUMMY!!!

thanks, im sure ive got the gamemode sumwhere, itl just be outdated

im downloading the glua zip now its 30% ihope it workd because i downloaded from and it stayed the same(gravity pressur air heat ect).

no there is not. READ. It is below the dummy! >.>