in need on g mod coder/admin

Hey guys looking to share my 3 servers with whoever is willing to help with ;
LUA coding
HTML/good loading screen
Custom website setting up with forums , donating and ect…

SKYPE - TheHappyHackerr

skype me to discuss anything further then this

:smiley: thankyou kindly

You basically want someone to do all the work for you while you sit there and cash in.

Share here with servers-

Il be glad to help but I will need pay of £5 a hour or £90 for 24 hours and I can sell you some prams and sweeps I can make

I added your skype

Great, almost half of minimum wage!

so… you selling leaks?
or just reselling scripts you have bought?
hope you get banned from coderhire.

And let me guess; you probably got Garrysmod for free too?