"In non-Steam game"

Hi, I added one of the players in my servers to speak to them regarding something, and it showed that their steam account was “In non-Steam game”, yet they were connected to a server.

Anyone experienced this before? I’m not even sure what this is. It’s not possible that people have devised ways to get Rust free and connect via IP right? If so, it does have a lot of ban-evasion implications.

They pirated the game.

hopefully that will surely be fixed very soon yes?

Yeah I’ve banned two people from my very small server because they joined and said, “Wow pirated version works!”


Both showed as being in non-Steam game.

If people can come in using a pirated game, does it not imply that hackers can easily evade bans by linking dummy steam accounts with pirated copies of Rust?

That’s unfortunate :frowning:

They are; Garry said he’s not too concerned with people who pirate the game because they’ll be spending too much time trying to be one step ahead of hackers.