"In order to safely control arachnid populations, please use strong sources of light and high-pitch sound." - Camp Endurance, former Russian Federation, 3 years after the first contact.

“And remember; It is strictly forbidden to engage arachnids with firearms unless the use of firearms is the only available means of defense.”


C&C please!

Very informative.

Yep, that’s definitely from Metro: Last Light.

If the normal flashlight in Metro Last Light is enough to burn the arachnids to ashes. Just imagine what those high-powered spotlights will do to them…

ugh that barbed wire, i’ll strangle whoever coded Soure’s transparency shaders

Actually i haven’t played LL at all so i have no idea how the arachnids behave in-game, in my scene they’re supposed to be pretty passive and will only attack if provoked or if they hunt in great numbers.