In perfect isolation, here behind my Wall...

One down, about a hundred to go. I think I posed this like eight months ago at the very least.


His mother was raped by a giraffe. That’s why he’s a social outcast.

Cool cool

Candles doesn’t really emit smoke like that unless it’s some weird hippy kind of candle

All a man needs is a shotgun and Pringles.


I enjoy the darkness, but that is one terrible candle that it smokes that much.

It is made of hopelessness and despair.

(that and I haven’t seen an actual candle burning for ages, causing me to overestimate the amount of smoke needed)

Great composition of colours.

This is lovely.

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candles do not emit any smoke unless you fuck with the flame or something like that

I love the detail on the candle although you should avoid being too detailed in work like this - it looks like you’ve used a 1px brush which, in comparison to the detail in everything else, makes the candle look aliased and somewhat overly sharp. It’s a shit-tonne brighter than the rest of the picture too so it’s quite distracting and looks a bit out of place.

Great work overall though.