In positi- WTF IS THAT?

Second pose and first edit:


Any advice?

looks alright,

just take the film grain off and calm down on the contrast.

The CT being thrown looks kind of awkward…

Something like this?:

And who is abusing the rating system?


Fp itself.

krepo, get your facts straight. it’s a script some dumbass has planted on the site.

Also, I like the picture.

as for advice, the elbows of the guy on the foreground are floating. He could be holding them up like that, but that would be hardly logical since the rest of his posture clearly says he’s leaning on them. The game physics engine isn’t to be trusted about whether or not something is actually touching a surface, you’ll have to place it right yourself.

Also, as someone’s already said, the guy on the wall looks awkward. I think it’s because his limbs (especially the arms) aren’t extended enough, like he’d just been thrown back. It looks more like he were sitting on an invisible chair.

Also, as someone’s pointed out before, the contrast is a bit all over the place. Not too much, but worth noting. I wouldn’t really mind it if the side of the guardian’s head didn’t look like a smooth black surface. The grain is fine.

Thanks for the advice :smiley:
I have a new style of editing now but I can’t do it in that picture, it somehow screws it up.

Grain ovrload